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Old Fashioned Cajun Tarte à la Bouille

Tarte à la Bouille | Ms. enPlace

Mardi Gras 2015 and King Cake Bread Pudding
Basile, LA Children's Courir de Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras 2015 and King Cake and Coffee Cocktail
Rio 2015 Lafayette, LA

Mardi Gras 2015 and Hot Buttered Spiced Rum
Hot Buttered Spiced Rum | Ms. enPlace

Lake Hermitage Marsh Creation and Grilled Herb Butter Redfish

Louisiana Lingo and Canialle Bleu Cocktail (Sneaky Blue Cocktail)l

Fishing South of New Orleans and Grilled Redfish on the Half Shell

The Courir de Mardi Gras (Cajun Mardi Gras), a Mardi Gras Waltz, and Mardi Gras Croquembouche

The Courir de Mardi Gras (Cajun Mardi Gras) and Artichoke Squares/Crab Artichoke Squares
Courir de Mardi Gras Basile, LA

A Mardi Gras Parade and Singing Shrimp

Going, Going, Gone: My Louisiana Coast Part 4 
Wrap Up and a Little Hope
Lake Hermitage Marsh Creation Project

Going, Going, Gone: My Louisiana Coast Part 3 
Controlling the Mississippi and Freshwater Diversions

Going, Going, Gone: My Louisiana Coast Part 2 
Big Oil, Erosion, and Salt Water Intrusion

Going, Going, Gone: My Louisiana Coast Part 1 

Rhythms on the River 2013Tab Benoit--Offbeat Magazine's 2013 Best Of The Beat Best Guitarist 

Gretna Fest 2013Tab Benoit

Gretna Fest 2013Mardi Gras Indians
Creole Wild West Mardi Gras Indians

Gretna Fest 2013: Zydeco from Sunpie Barnes & the Louisiana Sunspots
Sunpie Barnes and the Louisiana Sunspots Gretna Fest 2013

Fishing/Wetlands Destruction
And my dad's recipe for Perch Spaghetti.

Crawfish Country
An early morning drive through crawfish country and crawfish for breakfast.

and Crawfish Stuffed Grilled Peppers

A Boucherie and a Cajun Delicacy: Ponce

Traditional French Style King Cake

Cajun Mardi Gras & trivia
 and Corn Maque Chou Dip

 and Praline Pecan Milkshake

Mardi Gras pics & trivia
 and Muffuletta Bruschetta

Right Outta da Bayou
 Pecan Crusted Trout w/ Lemon Butter Crab

Louisiana Bicentennial
and Shrimp Creole Calas w/ Lemony Garlic Mayo

Zydeco Breakfast
and Blackened Bacon Shrimp w/ Cheesy Garlic Grits for brunch

Hurricane Cookin'
...Eggplant w/ Creamy Corn Sauce

Donald Link's Cochon Lafayette
a review of my favorite chef's restaurant

A Spring Cajun Jam
...along with Shrimp & Andouille Baked Potatoes

Mardi Gras 2012
Cajun Style

Mardi Gras Symbolism & History
Why purple, green, & gold?

Cajun Mardi Gras
Courir de Mardi Gras 2010

Pics from both the city & country versions

Egg Paquing
A Cajun Easter Tradition

Cajun & Creole
What's the Difference?

More Cajun & Creole

Camp Life
Weekend on the bayou

Another weekend at the camp
After BP

Down at the Camp
still recovering from BP

Going Down to Grand Isle
How New Orleans goes to the beach

More from Grand Isle

Life On the River
It can be bananas

= Red Beans

Zydeco Breakfast @ Cafe Des Amis

Cajun ingenuity

The Plate Lunch
A Southern tradition

A Cajun Boucherie
An old time Boucherie in Eunice, LA

What is a boucherie?

Gumbo Weather
We all look forward to that first cool spell of the year

Pictures & videos from a rainy festival

Pictures & videos
It's not Christmas until you smell cane burnin'


More Louisiana Linguistics
Axe away!

And Some More Louisiana Linguistics
More sayins

Louisiana Linguistics
Cajun Style

To have one is to be loved.  Or so they say.


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Blog Award
10 honest things about me

Blog Birthday
One year old and still blogging

Royal Foodie Joust
A cooking contest using pumpkin, stout, and sugar.  I placed 2nd in the overall division--not bad for my first try!

Royal Foodie Joust #2
This month's ingredients: fennel, pear, ginger.


Royal Foodie Joust #3
This month's ingredients: eggs, greens, cheese.

Royal Foodie Joust #4
This month's ingredients: mushrooms, yogurt, nuts

Royal Foodie Joust #5

This month's ingredients: local beer, tomato paste, honey

Royal Foodie Joust #6
This month's ingredients: berries, balsamic vinegar, whole grain flour
I won for Most Unique Interpretation!


Royal Foodie Joust #7
This month's ingredients: citrus, garlic, sweet potatoes